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Was wäre diese Seite ohne Mouse?


12.08.2012 - 21:00

Blizzard, so scheint es, hat sich mit Diablo 3 übernommen. Man muss den Jungs und Mädels aus Anaheim vorwerfen, dass sie sich einfach zu gigantische Ziele gesetzt haben. Jede Fähigkeit sollte nützlich und anders sein, jede Build-Variante sollte spielbar sein. Der Co-Op-Modus sollte beliebt und anspruchsvoll sein. Alle Items sollten eine erkennbare Chance haben, nützlich zu sein. Und wie wir nun nach bald 3 Monaten wissen: Blizzard ist fulminant gescheitert. Viele Fähigkeiten sind einfach unbrauchbar, egal in welchen Build. Der Co-Op-Modus ist viel unbeliebter als der Single-Player-Modus und Items sind meistens Schrott. Doch uns Schneegestöberle gibt nicht auf und will den Spielern nicht nur entgegenkommen, sonder auch beweisen, dass Ihnen viel daran liegt, was die Community ihnen sagt. Alle unsere Sorgen und Probleme mit Diablo 3 sollen behoben werden. Da das aber noch ein paar Wochen dauern wird und wir Spieler nicht unseren Battle.net-Account aus Frust zerbeißen oder zerstückeln sollen, verrät uns Blizzard schon vor ab, was uns erwartet. Und ja es klingt alles toll! Aber lest es selbst!

Das erste große und extrem wichtige Thema ist der Co-Op-Modus:

"Wyatt Cheng":
While many people are playing co-op, it’s still a minority of games. Ideally we would like players who want to play solo to be able to solo, and players who want to play co-op to play co-op. At the moment though playing solo is the clear choice, even for those who would prefer co-op with some of their friends.

The change we made back in 1.0.3 to remove the bonus monster damage per additional player was a great start, but we can clearly go a bit further. The first change we’re making in 1.0.4 for co-op is to remove averaging in multiplayer games of Magic Find and Gold Find. You’ll benefit from your full Magic Find stat, independent of other players in the game. We originally added Magic Find averaging so optimal play did not involve people stacking what we call “adventure stats” to the detriment of their party. While this may re-emerge as a problem, we think the current solution feels like too much of a penalty, and is doing more harm than good.

Along the same lines as the change in 1.0.3, we’re going to be lowering the health multiplier for monsters per additional player in co-op games. It’s going to be a flat 75% in 1.0.4 for all difficulty levels, as opposed to the scaling 75/85/95/110% it is now. This makes enemies far more manageable in co-op games, and rewards a co-ordinated group with a higher farming efficiency than playing alone.

Endlich sieht es Blizzard ein! Die Co-Op-Penalties sind aktuell einfach zu hart. Und ja es kann sein, dass sich ein Spieler zu seinem eigenen Vorteil nur mit Magic-Find-Items ausrüstet, aber dieser Spieler wird schwerlich eine Gruppe finden und einfach aus der aktuellen Gruppe geschmissen. Vielleicht fühlt sich ja dann das Co-Op-Spielen mit den Änderungen endlich wieder wie in Diablo 2 an.

Doch auch ein anderes und weit aus nervenderes Thema wird von Blizzard angegangen: die schier unbesiegbaren Champion-Packs.

"Wyatt Cheng":
We know there are a lot of you out there that are really frustrated by the difficulty of some of the champion and rare packs, so in 1.0.4 we’re going to shrink the gap between normal monsters and Elite packs (Champions and Rares). The design intent of Champion and Rare packs is to provide a spike of challenge, but in general we feel like the gap is too big. Normal monsters die quickly and are usually just fodder, and Champions and Rares can feel like a brick wall. In general we’re looking to bring normal enemies up a smidge, and Champions and Rares down.

So, in 1.0.4 we’re increasing the health of normal monsters by approximately 5%-10% in Inferno, but also increasing the likelihood they drop magic or rare items by a factor of four. We’re correspondingly lowering the health of Champions and Rares by 10-25% and editing specific affixes to shrink the difficulty gap. We’re still working on those numbers, but that’s approximately what we’re shooting for.

To further reduce the gap between normal and Elite monsters, we’re adjusting some of the more frustrating monster affixes, such as Fire Chains and Shielding.* Of course there are some normal monsters that are massive spikes in difficulty too, and we’ll be making polish adjustments to a few of those as well, like reducing the damage of two-handed skeletons like Skull Cleavers.

Na also! Die Schwierigkeit von normalen und Champion-Packs werden zu unseren Gunsten angeglichen. Endlich haben die Champion-Packs weniger HP! Und endlich werden diese blöden Fire Chains und Schieldings debuffed! Endlich kann man viel entspannter farmen! *freu*

Doch Blizzard will bei diesen beiden schwierigen Themen nicht aufhören. Auch die Gegenstände sollen sichtlich verbessert werden.

"Wyatt Cheng":
One of the general improvements we’d like to make to our item game addresses the difference between an item having a chance of being good vs. knowing the item isn’t going to be good before you even identify it. In other words, there’s a world of difference between an item having no chance of being good, and some chance of being good. It’s not something we’re going to be able to fully address in 1.0.4, but giving every dropped item a chance to be good is a long-term goal. One area we felt we could make immediate improvements for 1.0.4 was with weapons.

Weapon damage is the most important stat on a weapon. It can be disheartening to get a lot of weapon drops and you know before even looking at them that they have no chance of being good. To help give weapons a fighting chance, the raw damage value on all level 61 and 62 weapons will be able to roll damage that extends all the way to the top end of level 63.

We also want to close the gap between dual-wielding and two-handers, and so we’re improving two-handed melee weapons by creating a new set of stronger affixes to compensate for the loss of stats that can come from your offhand.

On the topic of two-handers, we’re also changing how damage is calculated on a few damage-over-time skills. Many skills have text like “Deals 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds”, which isn’t exactly clear as it can be interpreted a few different ways. It also made skill evaluation difficult, particularly for skills with long durations or cooldowns. We’re switching a lot of these skills to read “X% weapon damage over 5 seconds”. Many skills already follow this format, and understanding what the skill does is very clear. As the skills are converted there is an additional opportunity: when converting to this format, choosing a value for X depends on your weapon speed. So what we’ve done in most cases is assumed a high attack speed (at least 2.0 attacks per second), chosen a value of X, and then in many cases bumped the value even higher. A skill that currently does 75% weapon damage for 5 seconds, with a 2.0 speed weapon, will convert to at least 750% weapon damage over 5 seconds. The skill becomes easier to understand, is a small buff for most one-hand builds, and a big buff for two-hand builds.

Na holla! Hier wird ja mal endlich das wahrscheinlich wichtigste Problem angegangen: der Waffenschaden. Wäre der höher, würden ja die Probleme mit den Champion-Packs gar nicht so auffallen. Außerdem wäre ja der Frust bei den Spielern nicht so hoch, weil man beim Farmen auch mehr Nützliches finden würde. Die geplante Grundschadenerhöhung klingt nach einem großen Sprung in die richtige Richtung.

Ob das Problem mit den Zwei-Hand-Waffen allerdings wirklich behoben werden kann, wage ich noch zu bezweifeln. Ich denke auch nach Patch 1.0.4 wird es kaum sinnvollen Anwendungen für Zwei-Handwaffen geben, außer die neuen Sets an Affixen sind wirklich so extrem gut.

Ich finde es auch gut, dass Blizzard verschiedene Regelungen für ähnliche Skills angleicht. So etwas ist nicht nur sinnlos, sondern auch unnütz verwirrend. Ob das die betreffenden Skills wirklich verbessern wird, bleibt ab zu warten.

Ein weiteres wichtiges Thema ist das Verhältnis von Effizienz und Herausforderung. Hier geht es den Champion-Packs wirklich an den Kragen.

"Wyatt Cheng":
Rather than focus on whether or not you can beat an enemy, many players would rather figure out how fast they can beat them. We’re removing Enrage Timers and the “heal back to full” behavior from Champion and Rare monster packs. We don’t think they fit well into the general philosophy of the game, which is more about trying to farm as efficiently as possible. You’re already incentivized to kill things quickly, if a pack happens to take you a long time it can just feel unfair to have the pack enrage, kill you, and then heal back to full. The original intent behind Enrage Timers was to have a few encounters that served as a “DPS check” that also add tension and excitement. Due to the randomness of Champion and Rare monsters, combined with a general philosophy of efficient farming, this was simply the wrong approach for us to take. The Enrage Timers feel more appropriate on bosses, where the setup, predictability and mechanics of the fight add the required context for the time limit.
We can’t get away from the Efficiency vs Challenge discussion without talking about death penalties. When we increased repair costs in 1.0.3 it was to make death meaningful. Efficiency is not only about how fast you kill things, but what efforts you’re putting into doing so. Dying should cut into efficiency, and that creates a meaningful challenge to stay alive in not only how you play, but the importance of how you’re designing your character. That said, we think repair costs are just a bit too high, so in 1.0.4 we’re going to be reducing repair costs of high-end items by 25%.

Dazu kann ich ja eigentlich nur sagen: JUHU! ENDLICH HAT BLIZZARD EIN EINSEHEN! Die Rage-Timer bei Champion-Packs waren höchstens dazu gut, um mir mein Mittagsessen nochmal durch den Kopf gehen zu lassen. Und wenn ich dann mal gestorben bin, was ja nun wahrlich nicht selten geschah, dann hatten diese Über-Monster auch noch wieder komplett volle HP! Meistens wechselte ich dann in den Rage-Modus. Drei Tastaturen und 2 Mäuse, wissen was ich meine (R.I.P. ihr fünf). Und das die Reparaturkosten für Hightech-End-Gegenstände sinken werden, ermöglicht es endlich mehr Geld in sinnvolle Dinge zu stecken.

Und weil Blizzard schon mal über High-End-Gegenstände nachdenkt, sollen auch die Legendaries nicht zu kurz kommen.

"Wyatt Cheng":
We have improvements coming to Legendary items, and it seems like an important enough subject to give them their own blog. Stay tuned as Senior Game Designer Andrew Chambers gives the rundown in the next week or two. As a general reminder though, existing items are not changing. The Legendary improvements are going to be for Legendaries dropped or crafted after the 1.0.4 patch goes live.

Na gut, dann warten wir mal ab, was uns da noch erwartet. Und ja wir wissen, dass wir nach dem Patch alles neu zusammen farmen müssen.

Und ganz zum Schluss werden wir sogar noch intensiver um Mithilfe gebeten.

"Wyatt Cheng":
We’re making a metric-ton of changes to classes, so we’re going to have separate blog posts for each. But in general we’re looking at unpopular skills and asking ourselves a few questions:

Does the skill have any control or readability issues that would make the skill less satisfying to use? If so – polish the skill more. A good example here is the Barbarian Rend ability – many people don’t use it because you can’t always tell which enemies are affected by the bleed and which aren’t.

Does the skill fill a similar role as an extremely popular skill? If so, buff the skill to be competitive with the popular skill. For example, Bola Shot could be a solid skill, but simply doesn’t have the raw damage when compared to Hungering Arrow, so we’re buffing Bola Shot to be competitive.

Does a skill have a dominant rune? If so, can we buff the underused runes to be more competitive? A good example here is the Wizard Hydra skill. The Venom Hydra is by far the most popular rune, and for good reason, so we are buffing the other runes to make them more competitive with Venom Hydra.

Is the skill a resource spender? In general we have found that many resource spenders just don’t do enough for their resource cost. Here I would use the example of Wave of Light, which is a fairly significant expenditure of Spirit that doesn’t always seem worthwhile. Many damage-oriented resource spenders are receiving buffs in 1.0.4.

Would buffing the skill increase or decrease build diversity? Some skills when buffed cause other skills to become obsolete, so there’s a net decrease in build diversity - we’re more careful with those. Other skills, when buffed, add to the total pool of appealing skills, which increases build diversity. The most obvious example here is the Witch Doctor Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan, which are both receiving significant improvements in 1.0.4.

We hope you have fun, and stay tuned for each of the specific class articles in the next couple weeks.

Also da fallen doch bestimmt einige Skills ein. Wie wäre es mit Heuschreckenschwarm oder Heimsuchung oder Umarmung der Untoten? Ich könnte ja jetzt ewig so weiter machen, aber eigentlich bin ich viel zu glücklich über die Aussage, dass ich mein geliebtes Summoner-Build doch in Inferno weiterspielen kann ohne ständig aufgegessen zu werden, meist dank meiner Diener...

Am Ende werden wir dann von Blizzard noch neugierig gemacht, auf das was uns noch offenbart werden soll und das, was noch von Blizzard getan werden wird.

"Wyatt Cheng":
These are really just a few of the topline systems changes we’ll be making in 1.0.4, and we hope you’re looking forward to them as much as we are. We’ll of course have a lot more info coming at you in the weeks ahead on Legendary items, classes and more, as well as some interviews we’ll be holding shortly before the patch goes live – which, by the way, is currently targeted for the fourth week of August.

See you in-game!

*P.S. We’re getting rid of the Invulnerable Minions monster affix.

BOOM! Und wieder ein großes Hindernis des Spielspaßes weg! Also wenn das so weiter geht, könnte Diablo 3 doch noch zeigen, wer der König der Action-RPGs ist und bleibt! Ich drücke weiterhin fest die Daumen.

Und hier noch mal der Original-Post, für alle die es gern auf englisch nachlesen wollen.
Und hier noch mal der Original-Post, für alle die es gern auf deutsch nachlesen wollen.
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